On 4th February SIGA (Electronics) Ltd. acquired the business and assets of Stabilised Transformers Ltd.
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MOD Approved, manufacture and supply of transformers worldwide.

Stabilised Transformers Ltd was established in the mid 1970s to supply transformers to UK and export markets. Since then, W. Groves in 2002 and Current Transformer Technology in 2009 have been incorporated into Stabilised Transformers Ltd with these acquisitions extending both the product range and customer base.

We are now also proud to announce we have recently been certified to the new ISO9001-2015 standard.


Products are manufactured in house here in the UK and provide excellent quality and reliability.

The range of industries that use our products include those involved in renewable energy, airfield lighting, variable speed drives, ship-building, mining, telecommunications, switchgear and instrumentation, motor control centres and major utilities encompassing water pumping and purification.

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet national and international standards.

The company has wide and varied experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke purpose built transformers, reactors and associated wound components.

Product Types

  • Open and enclosed dry type transformers and inductors.
  • Double wound and auto wound
  • Toroidal Wound
  • Instrument transformers, current and voltage
  • Resin encapsulated
  • Coils

W.Groves product range

  • High voltage transformers – for use with system voltages up to 13.8kV.
  • Motor starting auto transformers and reactors – up to 17.5kv system volts
  • Transformer rectifier equipment
  • HV Instrument transformers
  • Transformers and Inductors for variable speed drives
  • Detuning reactors

W Groves Ltd has supplied transformers and associated wound components worldwide. The portfolio of customers includes many blue chip companies in ship-building, mining telecommunications and major utilities encompassing water pumping and purification and the electricity supply authorities. The company also supplies a number of manufacturers of motor control centres and switchgear cubicles.

Stabilised Transformers Limited are Quality Assured

Stabilised Transformers Limited has achieved certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of transformers wound components and associated equipment.

A copy of the registration certificate is available upon request.